Our government is by the People for the People.

It should work for us.

Politicians and social media personalities have come up with a lot of ways to cast blame, tell us who to be outraged at, what to be afraid of, and how they are the ones “in the know.”

History tells us they are usually wrong, accomplish little, and are forgotten quickly—except for the scale of their failures.

Northwest Georgia struggles with many of the core challenges facing our country.


Provide Better Tools for Success

Need to make it easier for local banks, credit unions, and governments to understand and work with the federal programs that provide loans, tax, and policy support. We have the framework to help Americans succeed but we are failing to give them the tools and materials to do it

Invest in Infrastructure

Invest in American infrastructure so that businesses have what they need to compete and create jobs. Stop forcing states and local governments to spend tax dollars that should be going to education and quality of life – but are now being used to compete against each other and desperately try to make up for our crumbling infrastructure

Raise Minimum Wage

Stop fighting over minimum wage jobs – raise the minimum wage nationally to $15/hour and couple it with real support such as federal low-cost loans and tax breaks for small business to help them grow to meet the demands of the new economy

Be Fair to Tipped Workers

End the exceptions for tipped workers



Streamline Background Checks

Invest in our background check and licensing procedures so they are not a mess of different state records and inefficient government delays that hurt honest, law-abiding gun owners

Implement Instant Background Checks

Open the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) so private gun sales can be conducted with confidence and security

Give Adequate Resources to Enforce Laws

Work with State and Local Law Enforcement to give them the resources and support to enforce the laws we already have – laws that without action keep failing our families and communities

Research to Address Gun Tragedies

Fund research to address how America went from being seen as a nation of responsible gun owners to one known for mass shootings and reckless violence

Put Education First

Put education first – training, firearms safety, and risks in the home and to children should be part of the understanding of every gun owner. Responsible gun owners are tired of seeing people treat guns like toys


Educate Professionals

We must change how we educate and train health care professionals. The Federal dollars we loan students that they need to start a medical career create crippling debt that make it hard to be a rural doctor. We need doctors not just in metro and upscale areas. If you agree to be a doctor, nurse, support staff in an area where we desperately need it – we will reduce your debt in exchange for your service


Choose Your Doctors

Only when we can see the doctors we need will addressing the costs involved truly be the solution we need. Giving Medicare/Medicaid a chance to compete with insurance companies, purchase low-cost drugs, and letting everyday Americans buy into that coverage would take greed and waste out of the health insurance industry


Modernize Technology

Bring healthcare into the present. Our cars and phones shouldn’t have more technology solutions than our health care – invest in coordinated care, research and development, telehealth, and more 


Prioritize Public Education Funding

We fail as a country without an educated work force and educated voters – public education funding should be the national priority instead of a constant afterthought

Invest in More Education Choices

We need more teachers, more support staff, more apprenticeships, and more trade schools to fill a massive skills and education gap that has let other countries eclipse us in innovation and economic power

Put Children First

No child should be struggling at school because they are hungry, scared, or abused. The cost of school lunches, breakfast options, counselors, and nurses is nothing compared to the damage done to our kids when we turn these into petty budget items

Give Teachers Resources to Teach

Teachers shouldn’t have to go broke to teach – we cannot look at college kids and tell them to go to school, go into debt, go through years of review and licensing and then be broke to teach our kids. Pay teachers what they should earn as highly trained professionals and ensure they have the resources they need

Focus More on Learning, Less on Testing

End the emphasis on testing – kids aren’t machines and teaching to the test never got anyone a job. Focus on ability to learn, life skills, building the thirst for knowledge and desire to explore and innovate


End Trade Wars

End the trade wars and tariffs that have destroyed small businesses and family farms and left corporations and Big Ag with the majority of the relief and profits

Reform the USDA

Reform the USDA to ensure full staffing, true assistance to farmers, and real economic support

Be Fair to Farmers

Stop punishing farmers and rural Americans for trying to fix and maintain their own equipment. If you buy it  - you own it

Improve Internet Access

Create true high-speed, quality internet service that gives our kids and our businesses a chance to compete on the global stage

Invest in Rural America

Stop letting rural America be the constant story of poverty and despair in America. Give us what we need to compete and respect the pride we have in our communities


End Worker Exploitation

Fully fund the Department of Labor so they can investigate and prosecute employers who use threats of job loss to exploit those who can least afford it. No one should live in fear and intimidation, incapable of not allowing their boss to take advantage of them or otherwise becoming destitute

Ensure Paid Parental Leave

Paid Parental Leave ensures productivity and healthy families. No parent should have to risk the safety and well being of their child within days of birth because it would mean job loss. It is barbaric and against our American values of family and caring for our kids

Increase Fairness to Workers

Big Business in America should not be using welfare, HUD, and federal benefits to avoid taking responsibility for paying their workers a decent wage. If you exploit workers by refusing full-time work so you don’t have to meet your obligations, we shouldn’t be left holding the bag to keep them from being on the street. All workers should earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.


Protect Greenspace

2020 has taught us how critical outdoor spaces and recreation is – we need greenspace to feel like we are human. Investing in our economy and our future must include investing in our open spaces

Enforce Consequences of Poisoning Environment

We need to strengthen enforcement and punishments for those who recklessly damage and poison our environment, our parks, and our lands. We cannot wait until after the damage is done when the cost is so much higher

Protect National Parks

Profits must be weighed against long term consequences. America created the concept of a national park system for the people and were leaders in finding a balance between wild spaces and a great economic society. We must reclaim that leadership for our environment, for our economy, and for our people

Regrow Our Forests

We need to invest in regrowing our forests, rebuilding our wetlands and coasts, and ensuring that nature is getting the chance to keep our air clean and our waters clear

Inspire a Love of Nature in Children

Rebuild and reinvigorate the initiatives that gave kids and students the chance to visit our great natural parks and treasures, more funding for them to have jobs that will change their lives, and show them the diversity and beauty of America


Protect Social Security

End Social Security being a political pawn. It is a sacred bond and moral obligation due to our seniors and children

Protect Seniors

Fix COLAs so it actually matches to the economic realities faced by our seniors

Fix Death Benefits for Kids

Make Death Benefits work for kids that were already living in poverty and then have to deal with the loss of a parent

Stop Raiding Social Security Funds

Stop taking money out of the Social Security lockbox. Restore it and ensure its survival by ending the privileges of rich people who do not have to pay Social Security taxes because they make so much more than the rest of us

Fix Social Security Disability

Fix Social Security Disability so the process is fairer, more transparent, more efficient and doesn’t require paying lawyers to navigate ridiculous levels of overcomplicated bureaucracy 


Ensure Equal Rights

America is not free until we ensure that all our citizens have equal rights under the law

Seek Justice for Hate and Violence

Restore the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice and empower it to seek true justice for Americans facing hate and violence

Reform Law Enforcement

Reform, accountability, and support for law enforcement must be part of any civil rights conversation

Ensure Rights of LGBTQ Americans

LGBTQ+ Americans should not live in fear of violence or discrimination. Fair housing, employment, and access to health care and the courts are their rights as Americans

Support Equality for Women

Finally provide women with equality in pay and opportunity and let them compete on their merits as equal members of our society


Support Our Veterans

Stop the backdoor deals and underhanded funding cuts that have left our veterans without the support and healthcare they need when they came home. We need a new GI Bill that recognizes the nearly 2 decades of wars America has fought and their cost to our military families

Improve Department of Veteran's Affairs

Make Department of Veteran’s Affairs the gold standard of government service. Establish coordination between HHS, HUD, Commerce, and the Department of Education so that we are giving them real opportunities that they don’t have to wait for years to materialize

Make Pay Fair for Active Duty Members

Improve resources for families – no active duty member should have to rely on welfare to get by while they serve this country. More housing, improved pay, and support for families

Stay on Course in Our Missions

Review all our alliances and military conflicts and hold ourselves accountable to the mission


Fund Immigration Courts

Stop acting like a wall solves anything. As long as we underfund our Immigration Courts, the technology on our borders will be a joke that other countries mock us for

Increase Efficiency for Immigration Cases

We are the reason immigration is a failure in America – fund the courts and get the judges so that immigration cases and applications take months not years

Stop Abuse of Visa System

Stop letting billion-dollar businesses abuse the visa system while students and honest immigrants face years of delays and ridiculous costs to come here legally


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